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How to Change a Polaris RZR Belt

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

How to Change a Polaris RZR Belt

Out riding and your motor suddenly revs excessively, or you lose power? You probably just blew a belt. Replacing the belt using the SXS TOOL is a simple process. Gloves are recommended while servicing your Polaris RZR. Be careful; parts may be hot. Only work on the vehicle in a safe location with the transmission in park. Be sure the vehicle is off, and the key is removed.

Pre-trip Maintenance:

  • Thoroughly inspect clutch before the trip, make sure the primary bearing spins freely

  • Blow out clutches and clutch cover with compressed air to remove dust and debris

  • Check clutch sheaves for signs of wear such as groves, cracks, or heat marks

  • Excessive belt blowout is due to worn, damaged clutches or clutch misalignment

Step 1: Cover Removal

  • Using a flat-head screwdriver, remove the hose clamp on the clutch air intake tube

  • Remove the 8mm bolts from the plastic clutch cover housing, then remove the cover by pulling gently

Step 2: Remove Old Belt

  • Using your hand or a pair of pliers, remove all pieces of the broken belt inside the clutch housing

  • Be sure to check behind the clutches, the intake tube, and the exhaust tube ( located between the primary and secondary clutch in the top of the clutch housing)

  • Broken belt debris left in clutch housing results in added belt wear and additional clutch maintenance

Step 3: Spread Clutch Sheaves

  • Thread the SXS TOOL clockwise into the threads in the secondary clutch (right side) to spread the sheaves. rotate until sheaths are spread

  • Do not force SXS TOOL; this can cause damage to the secondary or the tool

Step 4: New Belt Installation

  • Ensure the new belt is clean without loose cords, missing cogs, abrasions, burns, fraying, or any damage

  • Loop the new belt around the primary clutch

  • Rotate new belt onto secondary counter-clockwise by hand

  • Face part number outward for easy identification

  • Rotate SXS TOOL counter-clockwise until fully unthreaded

  • Spin secondary clutch five to seven times to seat belt

  • Idle vehicle in park to be sure there is no additional debris in the clutch. Turn the vehicle off before continuing

Step 5: Cover Reinstallation

  • Line up the cover with the clutch housing, reinstall 8mm factory hardware (36 IN-IBS)

  • Reinstall intake tube and hose clamp (25 IN-IBS)

Additional RZR Belt Knowledge

  • If the secondary does not spin in park service clutch

  • Be sure to inspect the cover seal for signs of wear or damage, replace if necessary

  • Drive vehicle in low gear at alternating rpm to evenly wear in and warm up belt surfaces

  • Always install the clutch cover; debris and rocks in clutch housing will cause damage

  • Holding constant rpm while driving causes hot spots on the clutch and leads to additional wear

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